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The Story Behind Bob and the Van

Like the rising sun, my father-in-law, Bob is dependable! Each day he gets up, hits the road, and heads to work. Helping out family and friends is what he lives for!

Seventeen years ago, after his retirement from Boldt Construction, Bob began working for our family business, running errands, keeping the outside and inside of our place in tip-top shape. In 2007 we needed a delivery van, and while visiting family in New London, WI we found what we were looking for. From day one Bob made sure that our van was well maintained. From Oil changes, regular washes, and even touch-up paint, Bob has kept this old van running well. That is until recently when it refused to go anymore. One last tow to the scrapyard and it was time to say goodbye.

Bob has often said, “When that van is done, so am I.” I’m so happy to say that Bob is still getting up each day and going to work helping others. Thank you, Bob, for all you do for our business and for our Gemini family.

Joe Beausoleil


Gemini Plastics, Inc.


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