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Gemini Platics Inc

Gemini Plastics, Inc. partners with CADmore to offer our customers expert design and engineering, bridging the gap between your idea and a finished part. CADmore's service design platform combines machine learning with expert designers to provide the fastest path from idea to manufacturable file.

No Project is too Big, Small, Simple, or Complex.

Gemini Plastics has industry-leading expertise supplying CNC machined, CNC routed, vacuum formed, and injection-molded plastic components for a huge variety of industries.  With design and engineering help from CADmore, we can take your project from idea to execution with utmost efficiency.



Whether it’s a napkin drawing, a decades-old PDF file, or just an idea, CADmore can help you get to a manufacturable file.

Asset 10GP Icons ZVerse.png


Sometimes a 3D file just isn’t quite ready for manufacturing. Tweaks and revisions may be needed before the file is ready to be manufactured. CADmore can help with this.

Asset 11GP Icons ZVerse.png


Need help converting your file to a different format?  That option is available as well.

Black HDPE Handle

The customer needed assistance developing their idea into a finished part.  We assisted with the design, and created a 3D CAD file. After the design was complete, we produced functional prototypes of the part for testing.  After the prototyping stage, we were able to ramp up production and manufacture the part at scale with our injection molding service.

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