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Speed production runs to meet the most demanding schedules

Injectin Molding

Our Plastic Injection Molding services provide an unparalleled opportunity for projects that demand low tooling costs for short to moderate production runs. Typical runs range from 1,000 to 250,000.


Capable of injection molding parts as large as Mike Tyson’s fist, we design our own tooling, ensuring a quick turnaround on all phases of product realization. Our customers are guided from the earliest prototype stages through full production by our experienced engineers and estimators.

What is the Molding Process?

At Gemini Plastics, Inc., you will find a team of seasoned professionals that will provide you with plastic injection molding products and services that can meet the most stringent requirements for quality.

With the ability to fabricate parts from a large range of materials, including ABS, Delrin®, and moly filled nylon, we are able to hold to very tight, .002" tolerances for your high-precision plastic part needs. We provide RTIs (rapid tooling inserts), which permit faster turnaround of prototypes and short production run projects.

Our modern, automated facility enables us to run lights-out operations, increasing production speed to meet the most demanding schedules. We have expertise serving many industries, including recreational vehicles and other transportation industries, as well as electronic, medical and general industrial. Additional services we provide include sub-assembly operations and engineering support. Contact Gemini Plastics today to learn how our plastic injection molding services can improve your application.

Injection Molded Medical Bed Foot Assembly

Medical Equipment Industry

This precision injection molded three-piece medical bed foot assembly is used to support an articulating arm on an adjustable hospital bed. 
This component is made of Nylon 6 and 70A durometer flexible urethane. Molding and assembling this three-part assembly is key to meeting the stringent quality requirements for this adjustable hospital bed. 
We utilized RTI (MUD) tooling to create the steel tooling required to mold this part. RTI stands for Rapid Tool Insert. RTI tooling keeps lead times and costs lower than traditional injection molding tooling. Molded and assembled we successfully deliver this high-quality OEM component, along with material certifications and inspection verifications. 

Injection Molded Medical Bed Foot Assembly
Injection Molded Medical Bed Foot Assembly
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