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For certain industries, maintaining brand imaging and safety information is crucial in the successful marketing of OEM products


Maintaining brand imaging and safety information is a crucial part of successfully marketing OEM products. Hot Stamping is the method of using heat and pressure to adhere brand imaging to a part or material.

What is the Hot Stamping Process?

High-Density Polyethylene, also known as HPDE, works well for impact and durability, though it has long been a struggle to maintain brand imaging and safety warnings on HDPE products. HDPE is nonhygroscopic, meaning it will not absorb moisture. This characteristic makes HDPE a good choice for rugged outdoor applications. However, it also means that it will not allow a traditional sticker to adhere to its surface.


Gemini Plastics, Inc. has developed a hot stamp process that will adhere to large graphics permanently to HDPE. Our proven process is unique in our industry, enabling us to apply graphics as large as 10" X 27", while also maintaining brand imaging for the life of the product. Until now, nobody in the industry has been able to offer graphics that adhere consistently and durably.


Contact Gemini Plastics today to learn how our hot stamping services can improve your brand application.

Large Hot Stamp Brand


Our customer was looking for a way to maintain brand imaging on the face of their snow plow product. Adhesive stickers would simply fall off the snowplow blade, leaving the sticker laying in a parking lot or in a snowbank.


This CNC-routed composite HDPE snow plow blade has been hot stamped with a permanent logo that will not fall off, ensuring the customer’s product is never without its brand imaging.

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