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We machine single-piece prototypes to thousands of parts

CNC Plastic Machining

Gemini houses four CNC Routing machines which concurrently handle numerous projects from diverse industries, including medical, aerospace, automotive, and agricultural.


From single-piece prototypes to thousands of parts, we accommodate material up to 3” thick, 60” wide, and 333” long, maintaining tight tolerances of .005” throughout production.

CNC Machining Design Guidelines

At Gemini Plastics, we offer precision CNC plastic routing and shaping to fabricate custom components for customers across a spectrum of industries and applications. Our state-of-the-art equipment features 3 and 5 axes, CNC control, CAM programming, dual spindles, and automatic tool changers. Our experts create parts to exacting specifications from materials including acetal, nylon, PTFE, polyethylene, and polycarbonate, in sizes up to 324" (8,299.6mm) in length and up to 72" (1828.8mm) in width, maintaining tight tolerances of ± 0.001” throughout production. We also offer the design and manufacturing of vacuum-formed tooling, and ancillary bonding assembly services.

Typical turnaround times for custom components are 2 to 3 weeks, with rush options. Also available are special packaging and freight handling options. We handle the volume from prototype to production. All of our products and processes uphold the highest standards of ANSI, ASTM, ASME, and Mil-Spec. We are dedicated to bringing customers the best in plastic part production and stand by our products for their lifecycle. 

CNC Machined Surgical Drill Guide

CNC Machined Surgical Drill Guide
Medical Equipment Industry

This precision CNC machined surgical drill guide is used to direct a drill bit to a target at a precise angle.


This component is made of ULTEM®, a strong, heat-resistant plastic, frequently used in medical applications. Precision and aesthetics are key to meeting the stringent quality requirements for this surgical component. We worked closely with the customer to perfect the design and define inspection requirements.


We utilize modern CNC turning equipment to machine this part to its 0.844" O.D., 0.130" I.D., and 1.75" length. We then hand polish it to a 16 RMS finish. Rigorous inspections are required to maintain tight tolerance specifications.


Inspections are conducted both before and after polishing, ensuring the overall dimensions are within the very tight +.000"/-.001" tolerances, and that the true position on the diameters are within the required .003". We successfully deliver this high-quality OEM component, along with material certifications and inspection verifications, to our customer with a 100% on-time delivery and quality rating.

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