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Material Selection Guide

Choose from a wide variety of industrial-grade materials

When choosing a material for your component, there are many considerations. Cost, cosmetic appearance, and material properties are just a few things to keep in mind when making a selection. The list below is a sampling of our more commonly used materials, but many more are available upon request.


Still not sure which material would be ideal for your project?  Feel free to reach out to us through our contact form or email us at

CNC Machining
Injection Molding
Vacuum Forming
Common Applications
Spec Sheet
• Automotive components • Marine components
• Impact resistant • Cosmetic qualities • Dimensional stability
• Medical components • Automotive components • "General use" material for a wide range of industrial applications
• Temperature resistance • Strength and rigidity
Glass-Filled Nylon
• Washers and stampings • Bearings • Industrial equipment
• Stays stiff and strong in extreme temperatures
• Bushings • Gears and cams • Fuel system and seat belt components
• High creep resistance • Good balance of abrasion resistance and stiffness • Highly chemical resistant
• Indoor and outdoor lighting • Lenses • Applications requiring a transparent component • Electrical connectors and insulators
• Can be optically clear • Impact resistant • Good dimensional stability
• Marine and RV products • Automotive products • Consumer goods
• Grades available that are safe for food use/do not leech chemicals • Great impact strength • Great moisture resistance
• Wear strips and guide rails • Chute, hopper, and truck bed liners
• No moisture absorption • Abrasion resistant • Impact resistant
• FDA food processing applications (Natural color only) • Boats and RVs
• Non-staining • No moisture absorption • Cost-effective
Cast Nylon
• Wearpads • Sheaves • Food processing components
• Excellent tensile strength • High module of elasticity • The natural (white) color is FDA, USDA, and 3A dairy compliant
Extruded Nylon
• Mechanical engineering • Food technology • Automotive industry
• Excellent wear properties • Very high strength • Good machinability
Cast Nylon with Moly
• Tooling/fixtures • Bearings and wearpads • Rollers and gears • Washers
• Greater wear resistance than non-MD • Lower surface friction than non-MD
• Mechanical components such as gears and valve bodies
• Good wear properties in wet environments • Excellent dimensional consistency
• Impact resistant windows and guards • Fences and barriers
• Available in clear • Available in flame-retardant grade
• Budget friendly, "general use" plastic • Paintable and glue-able
• Lightweight • Somewhat chemical resistant • Good impact resistance
• Medical and chemical instrumentation • Aerospace and transportation
• Excellent dimensional stability • Can withstand very high temperatures
• Aerospace and transportation • Semiconductor applications
• Exceptional resistance to harsh chemicals • Hydrolosis resistance
• Demanding applications with high temperature requirements
• Best performing plastic material in temperatures exceeding 400°F
Automotive interior and exterior • Signs and POS displays • Car wash components
• Great chemical resistance • Good impact resistance • Easily machinable
• Transport components • Home appliances • Signs and POS displays
•Great recyclabiltiy • Can be UV stabilized • Low moisture absorption
• Clear automotive parts • X-ray-, MRI, and CT scan components
• Great strength and durability • Excellent clarity • Flame-Resistant • Shatter-resistant
• POS Displays and signs • Clear guards • Food packaging
• Excellent clarity • Can be sterile for food aplications

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