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Gemini Plastics, Inc. Announces Release of The Shoulder-Rest Face Shield

To meet the continued high demand for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), local manufacturer, Gemini Plastics, Inc., of De Pere, Wisconsin, has created a new, quick-to-market, and cost-effective PPE alternative for both the clinical and retail markets.

The Shoulder-Rest Face Shield (SRFS pronounced “surface”) is made from a durable .020” thick clear polycarbonate material. This material is cut into a flat one-piece design, making the SRFS easy to assemble and easy to ship.

SRFS provides its users with a clear view of patients and customers.

As no complex assembly is required, the SRFS can be quickly equipped and rested on an individual’s shoulders for use. SRFS provides its users with added protection under the neck compared to a traditional face shield. The SRFS allows space for existing PPE, such as goggles and masks.

SRFS is packaged and sold in quantities of 25 pieces per box. Quantity discounts are available.


Same-day shipping


If you are interested in purchasing SRFS, you can fill out our contact request form on our website or email us at

Author: Joseph Beausoleil


Gemini Plastics, Inc.


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