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Employee Spotlight: Alex Beausoleil

Every few weeks, we'll introduce a new Gemini Plastics, Inc. employee to showcase their role, day-to-day, hobbies, and unique personalities.

Today, we are here to spotlight our Director of Digital Manufacturing, Alex Beausoleil!

What's your name?

Alex Beausoleil

What's your position at Gemini Plastics, Inc.?

Director of Digital Manufacturing

Describe Gemini Plastics, Inc in 3 words.

Agile, modern, and reliable.

What is your favorite part about working at Gemini Plastics, Inc?

Definitely the awesome team of people willing to take on new challenges and continuously improve what we do!

What does your workspace look like?

I work from home 80% of the time, so that space varies from my desk to the couch. My space at Gemini is a mostly empty standing desk. I’m not a fan of clutter around my workstation. I do have a Bluetooth speaker on my desk and like to listen to music when I’m working on site.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love spending time with my family. We are really passionate about travel and go on trips whenever we can (our 1-year-old has been to 16 states)! I also enjoy starting up a podcast and going for a bike ride.

What are the three things you cannot live without?

My iPhone for sure. I feel like that is a default answer for most people at this point. My iPad as well since I use that for most of my work and entertainment. Lastly, I would say my Teva sandals. They are like the only shoes I wear if it’s over 55 degrees outside. You should see the tan lines on my feet!

What is the best advice anyone ever gave you?

“Life shrinks and expands on the proportion of your willingness to take risks and try new things.”

― Gary Vaynerchuk

What’s something we don’t know about you?

I have a long history of rotating hobbies, one of which was juggling and other circus arts as a teenager. A skill that I have retained is juggling and riding a unicycle at the same time.


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