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How Gemini Plastics Encourages Connection through Google Hangouts

We believe that practicing physical distancing shouldn’t limit your human connection. At Gemini Plastics, we are now utilizing Google Hangouts to build connections with our customers through virtual, online communication. Our team is ready to provide service via phone, email, or video conference to seamlessly connect with you.

Here are just some ways your business benefits when we utilize Google Hangouts:

This is Second Nature to Us

In the past week, many companies have been taking precautions by encouraging employees to work from home. Gemini Plastics employees are no stranger to virtual communication because the majority of us are already working from home! Google Hangouts makes connecting with our customers convenient and easy. Gemini Plastics has integrated G-Suite into our process, adding more ways to connect with our customers. In that sense, online remote work is second nature to us. We encourage our customers that have any travel restrictions during this time to consider meeting with us one-on-one, or one-on-many, with Google Hangouts.

Share Your Screen, Or Not (We Don’t Judge!)

Technology has given us the opportunity to enjoy face-to-face communication, regardless of distance. If you are a visual person, the screen sharing feature is perfect for showing slides or files in real-time, rather than describing them over the phone. However, if you have taken this as an opportunity to work from home in your pajamas, Google Hangouts allows you to join a call with your camera on or off; whichever you prefer.

It’s Accessible

We love Google Hangouts because it’s accessible to everybody. It allows our customers to conveniently connect using whichever desktop, mobile, or tablet device they prefer. There is no need to even have a Google account to join a meeting, which can now host up to 250 people at a time. It’s as simple as opening an email and clicking an invite link.

There are many benefits that come from using Google Hangouts. We encourage you to connect with us! Reach out to us via email at or by phone

(920) 336-2525.

Thank you for reading!

Author: Lucy Christensen

Digital Marketing & Communications

Gemini Plastics, Inc



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